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What is Safira CLI

The Safira CLI is a command-line tool designed to simplify API development under a "spec-first" way and using open-sourced tools. It is meant to satisfy a few objectives:

  • Automate OpenAPI services development.

  • Easy to use: Safira CLI was designed to fit agile workflows without effort.

  • Focus on what matters: you can focus on development and leave with us your project setup, pipeline and provisioning.

  • For devs, by devs: created by developers to help others developers in everyday tasks.

We believe in a mature workflow where an API spec is the starting point before development, testing, mocking and publishing. A "spec-first" workflow avoids rework and waste on issues common to many projects when the spec is an afterthought and doesn’t deliver.

Safira CLI also simplifies the complexity of the steps that do not add value to the developer during the construction process of the API, reducing the cognitive load of teams working on distributed cloud-native environments, maintaining performance, scalability and productivity while improving the developer’s experience.

Benefits of Safira-CLI

  • Auto-Generation of Java projects templates with SpringBoot and Quarkus.
  • Kubernetes and Docker configuration files.
  • Automated generation of endpoints mapping and plugins for Kong
  • Encouraged use of Insommia for API specs definition.
  • Promotes the use of Okteto runtime for an ultra-fast inner workflow under Kubernetes.
  • Automatic deploy with ArgoCD.

Under development

We are constantly improving our product, so a few things will be still under beta. We will let you know but, hey, we will support you anyway.