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Start provisioning your local cluster

Start provisioning your local cluster

You can setup an remote develop environment with Okteto Cloud or any Kubernetes cluster with Okteto CLI. In this guide we will use Okteto Cloud: The first thing you need to do is configure the Okteto CLI to use Okteto Cloud, run this command for it:

okteto context 

You can confirm that your CLI is setup running this command:

okteto context list

Starting your API

Generating your API with Safira-CLI grants the creation of an Okteto manifest and we will be using it to deploy or API to the develop environment running this command:

okteto up

Executing develop container

This command needs to be used inside a develop container to start your API, only needing to inform your Okteto profile.

  ./mvnw spring-boot:run

Now you have acess to your API's endpoints through Okteto Cloud

Removing your environment

To clean up your entire environment created in the Okteto test cloud, run this following command:

okteto destroy