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What can I do in the Demo Journey?

In the Demo Journey, you can:

  • View the structure of the template projects
  • Explore the pre-configured APIs in the Catalog
  • Explore the Tech Docs plugin
  • Configure Github integration to use the more advanced features
  • Create new projects from the software templates provided (code scaffolding)
  • Develop API projects and publish API specs on the API Catalog

Why do I need to create a new Github organization?

Creating a new Github organization is optional, but it is recommended for this demo. This is because the demo will create a number of projects and repositories, and it is easier to keep track of them if they are all in the same organization.

Why is it necessary to create a PAT token?

A PAT token is a personal access token that allows you to grant specific permissions to other users or applications. In the context of the DevPortal, a PAT token is used to authenticate with Github and create new projects and repositories.

Why can't I create a secret in my GitHub organization?

You cannot create a secret in your GitHub organization if you don't have permission to do so. If you do have permission, but you still can't create a secret, check if the secret name doesn't conflict with an existing repository name, and if the secret is not too long or contains invalid characters. If you still can't create a secret, contact GitHub support for help.